The Truth About the Movie Deal, or Why Bloggers Matter

 When I announced the sale of the movie rights for HOURGLASS, I mentioned that a there’s a snuggly story behind how the whole thing happened. 
(I’ve started and erased this paragraph four times. There are lots of secrets that I have to keep, so I’m treading lightly.) Let’s just say that in the past two years, Twentieth Century Fox weren’t the only ones who thought HOURGLASS would translate well to a screen, big or small. Moving along. 
I’ve seen people claim that book bloggers don’t matter. That social media is a waste of time. 
That’s not true. The fact that my little book was optioned by Fox is proof. 
The week HOURGLASS came out, some of you crazy peeps on Twitter got the idea to let MTV Hollywood Crush know that you thought they should read it. (I’m looking at you Mundie Moms, Novel Novice, Twilight Lexicon and Twilight Facebook.) You tweeted, you retweeted, you teased, you fished, and MTV, via Sabrina Rojas Weiss, bit. 
I spent quite a few weeks in abject terror. What if she HATED it? And then, on the first day of our Ash2Nash tour, I got a text. Hollywood Crush reviewed it, and they liked it! They really liked it! That in itself was cool enough, but what happened next was even better. 
At the end of the summer, Hollywood Crush took a poll. They wanted people to vote for their favorite beach read, and they listed all the books they’d reviewed last summer, including HOURGLASS. My first thought was “AWESOME” and my second thought was “OH CRAP. This will be embarrassing.” I prepared for a slaughter, kind of the way Jace killed Kaleb in the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney. 
And then my friend Jen called. 
JEN: “Um, have you looked at the Summer Beach Read poll?” 
ME: “No.” *gets all hot and sweaty and embarrassed thinking about how bad it must be for Jen to call*
JEN: “You should go look.” 
I think it was a Saturday morning. I traipsed over to my computer and pulled up the link. HOURGLASS was winning. 
ME: “Oh. Probably because none of the other authors are awake. They just haven’t tweeted it yet.” 
JEN: *sassy face* (I wasn’t there to see, but she has a real good sassy face and I’m sure she was making it.)
Over the next few weeks, HOURGLASS didn’t fall to the bottom of the list. Why?
Did I call my friends and family on the phone and ask them to vote? NO.
Did I canvas my neighborhood and local grocery store with flyers? NO.
Did I even send EMAILS? NO. 
I tweeted. I put up a blog post. Y’all voted. Readers, bloggers, friends, those of you who liked the book. 
Guess who noticed HOURGLASS on the MTV website? 
It doesn’t end there. Nope. Just like any of the rest of us, Fox googled (or binged, or yahooed, whatever) the book to see what people had to say about it.
In the words of Awesome Agent Holly, “They looked, and it was there.” 
The reviews. The author interviews. Teaser Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays. Cover Love. The Debut Author Challenge. ARC tours. Goodreads and Amazon reviews. 
Do book bloggers matter? 
What do you think? 
I wanted to wait until this week, when most of us reflect on the things we’re thankful for, to post this. Because readers and friends, I am grateful for you. I’m grateful that you take the time to thoughtfully review, to discuss things on social media, to be advocates for books and authors. 
When it comes down to the nitty gritty, book bloggers are readers. What would books be without readers? Who would writers be?
I know the realities of the book to movie world, but those odds don’t matter. What matters is, YOU made a difference. 
So thank you. Thank you. 
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