Storybird: The Shadow Gate

I’m so excited to be serializing a middle grade book, THE SHADOW GATE, for Storybird. Here’s a description:

Madeline Mercier might be a fanciful girl who builds castles in the air, but when she finds the Shadow Gate, everything changes. Her home, Eclipse Island, will never be the same, and neither will she.

Read it for free at the Storybird site! 

What is Storybird? Storybird is a creative community and publishing platform based around visual storytelling. Anyone can select artwork from our vast, curated collection and use it to create original, art-inspired picture books, longform novels, or poetry.

Who uses Storybird? Millions of members around the world use Storybird. Our users are a diverse bunch: they’re kids and families, educators and students, tweens, teens, friends, parents, and amateur and professional writers and artists. Storybird is unique in that so many different kinds of people can use us in different ways as they read, write, discover, and share great stories.

Learn more about Storybird from Publisher’s Weekly here, on the Storybird site here, and at Gigaom here! You can also check out the rest of the FAQ below my cover image.

Art credit goes to my marvelous illustrator, Alina Chau!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.34.30 PM

More FAQ:

What makes Storybird different than a traditional publisher? Many of the things that are challenging about traditional publishing become simple with Storybird. By using us to share their stories, authors get direct access to millions of readers, and swift feedback and interaction with fans each time they share a new story or serialized chapter, so that publishing and connecting with readers becomes a single, interwoven experience, rather than separate, scattered activities. You’re not limited by geography or territories where stories are available; there’s a global audience: we’re used in almost every country in the world, in fact. As an author, you also have significant power and control: you choose your art and can collaborate with the artist, your publishing frequency, whether you’re writing a standalone or a series, and more—and each time you publish, you’re able to collect more data and metrics to help you understand your audience and how they’re responding to your work.

How did you get exclusive art / a special author profile / featured promotionally across the site / etc? Storybird invited me to be part of their first seasonal slate of featured authors—some of us are already published traditionally; some have backgrounds in newspaper/magazine writing or as educators; and some of us are longtime, avid members of Storybird. Storybird worked with me and the artist to privately commission art that went along with my story. It’s a partnership—I’m helping them understand how their creative tools can help professional writers who are seeking commercialization opportunities for their books, and they’ve given me a chance to experiment in interesting new ways.