MTLGTM: TP Roll Snowflake

MyTrueLoveGaveToMe_animated_PS[4]Hello, friends! That hiatus was a bit longer than I expected, but New York was an 24 hour round-trip, and after my adrenaline levels dropped, so did I! I had SO much fun, and did some research at the Met to boot. It was lovely to meet all the other MTLGTM authors, the American and UK editors and staff, and every single reader! A very cool aspect of the trip was seeing bloggers I’ve known since they were teens who are now working in the publishing industry. There’s a LOT to be said for being professional from the get go, no matter how young you are.

You can read more about the event here on Publisher’s Weekly. My True Love Gave to Me has been a healing, joyful experience from the beginning, and I count every blessing it’s brought me. Twice.

Yes, I made a Christmas ornament out of a toilet paper roll. I suppose if you find TP rolls offensive, you can opt for paper towels. Now for the HOW TO!

1. Gather Mod Podge, cardboard rolls, and book pages (or wrapping/scrapbook paper).



2. Apply Mod Podge (or your own homemade glue mixture) to cardboard rolls, and then wrap pages around them. If you want to make yourself crazy, try to line up the edges. This reminds me of Vaughn in my MTLGTM story, trying to roll paper towels up exactly to avoid Gracie’s questions.


3. Cut the rolls into equal sections. Mine are approximately 1″. The plain cardboard on the inside would look sweet with burlap or jute ornaments, but I fancied mine up by spray painting them gold. Glue and glitter on the inside would be cute, too.



4. Glue gun! Attach the circles at the center point, and hold them together to shape the snowflake (or flower, whatever). I also put a tiny dot of glue on the opposite sides to make them a little pointy. Like snowflakes.


5. Okay, this is totally a snowflower. I even put glitter in the center! A stamen! *sings REPRODUCTION song from Grease II*



6. I decided to attempt the glitter version, since the kids weren’t home! I think I like it better! (Because I admitted it’s a flower.)

Snow flower


That’s it! If you haven’t looked up TP art online, do it. There are some beautiful sculptures out there!

Hope your holidays are happy ones!


  1. Love this! Have seen this before but not with the book pages! Gonna try it!

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