MTLGTM: Snowflake Wreath


Welcome to another MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME Holiday Craft Extravaganza! Today, we’re learning HOW TO MAKE A GLITTER SNOWFLAKE WREATH!

1. Start by tracing two circles on heavy cardboard or foam core. The outside circle measures 8″, and the inside is 4 1/2″. .



2. After cutting out the ring, give it a light coat of spray paint in a similar (or contrasting – this is your party) color to your snowflakes. SO. MANY. COLOR. CHOICES.


3. Once the ring is dry, grab a low temp glue gun and your snowflakes!


4. I used approximately thirty 3 1/2″plastic glitter snowflakes. Attach the first level, eyeball it, and guesstimate. Or do The Maths. (I don’t do The Maths.)


5. Glue those snowflakes on like a champ. Go to town, just like Santa, baby.


6. You can add dimension by placing a layer on the back. This is also a good time to attach a hanger. I used ice blue gift wrap ribbon.


And, now the finished product, hanging over the toilet in the guest bathroom! I know I said the decorations were for my office, but very room deserves a bit of holiday jewelry, don’tcha think?



I’d love to see pictures if you make a snowflake wreath! I’ll post them here!

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