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This one time? My editor and I? We tried to break into a ballroom. 

It was important. Infinityglass takes place in New Orleans, and after exhaustive research, I discovered the best place to set a certain scene was in the very historic Bourbon Orleans ballroom. 



So, AMONG OTHER PLACES IN THE BOOK OF WHICH I HAVE PICTURES, Regina and I went to this fabulous hotel. And discovered the ballroom was locked. I took this through the crack in the door. 


Following one of my life mottos, “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission,” I wiggled door handles. I tried to bribe staff. We eventually went down to the lobby, and not only did they offer to take us inside the ballroom, they were helpful and gracious about it. (Which goes to show you my life mottos are questionable. Except for the one about Not Engaging The Crazy.) 



Of course, it was everything I hoped it would be. Me (photo courtesy of TAMMY JONES): 

Me on the Floor


Taking this picture: 



AND THEN, I SAW IT. Serendipity.





Infinityglass Final 2:13 

WHAT DO YOU THINK?!? It fits the mood of the book so perfectly, which is creepier than Hourglass or Timepiece. I’m just saying, SHIZ goes DOWN.

I can’t wait to tell you whose point of view it’s from. *evil author chuckle*


  1. WOW!!!! Love this! And the background info and pic’s is so intriguing! CAN NOT WAIT! (Are there enough exclamation points? !!!!!!!!! just to be sure 😉 )

  2. Regina Griffin says:

    Being in that room gave me chills–when I saw that wallpaper and recognized how similar it was to what we had used for Timepiece, I thought, this is serendipity. Karma. We’re in the right place.

    And I had so much fun with Myra, anyway. But 12 years of religious school prevents me from breaking into a ballroom. Sneaking in, that’s another matter.

  3. Very cool cover! Love how the idea came about. I’m a big fan of this sort of wallpaper/decor. 🙂

  4. Absolutely STUNNING!!

  5. Oh my, the *evil author chuckle* makes me so nervous! The cover is gorgeous! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  6. Jessica Naccari says:

    Love the cover! Also, the similarity is creepy which is awesome. Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  7. Jessica Brooks says:

    That is so beautiful! (All of it… not just the wallpaper–though that is so cool!)

    The second I saw the room, I thought of Julie Andrews walking into the room in The Sound of Music, then getting caught dancing by Captain VonTrapp! 😀

    Gorgeous cover!


  8. OMG so gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

    – Liz

  9. Ohhh! It’s beautiful! I’m so happy it all came together. Serendipity indeed!! :o)

  10. LOVE The cover. I haven’t been so excited about a sequel in FOREVER! Can’t wait!

  11. O. My. God. Best cover of the entire series.

    Argh… *whines loudly*
    When do we find out who the narrator is this time???

    • Julianna says:

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!! Personally, I hope it is Michael’s. How awesome would that be????????????????????? WHEN DO WE GET TO FIND OUT????????????????

  12. Creeptasticly gorgeous! It goes perfectly with the other two and extra brownie pts for the red dress ♥

  13. Stunning!! The colors are perfect. Ni one will be able to ignore this one. Congrats!

  14. Karis Jacobstein says:

    This is my favorite cover yet! I absolutely LOVE it! The red dress! I think it is awesome that you get to have some say in what your cover looks like. I think the authors should always be involved in that process if they want to be . I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

    Karis @ YA Litwit

  15. Daisy Carter says:

    I bought Hourglass this week at my local. Last night, I had time to read a chapter or two. Yeah…I read the whole thing in one sitting, and now I’m bleary-eyed and bloated from all the sweet goodness.

    I’m also headed straight back to my local for Timepiece.

    Vowed I’d let authors know when I loved their work this year. I LOVE YOUR WORK! 🙂

    New fangirl,

  16. Shannon Paligo says:

    LOVE the cover. And yeah, that’s creepy and yet awesome that the wallpaper matched the cover–love it!!!


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