Early Fall Recap – In Pictures

I was gone for the majority of September, and with school/baseball/band, etc, I am more behind on blog posts than usual! I’ve been drafting like a fiend this month, but I wanted to share some pictures from my early fall adventures!


First, from San Diego Comic Con, with a glass of Game of Thrones mead in the Wired Lounge:


Finally meeting Katie B. Mundie Mom at the Scholastic party:


At the Decatur Book Festival, being terrified by Courtney Stevens, who was dressed as a Shadowhunter for Dragon Con!


Where Michelle Hodkin MADE ME RAP:


 From the YA AdVANture Tour (more photos and a travel log HERE at Publisher’s Weekly):

ya advanture

Me and Tessa Gratton, right after a bartender asked me if I was Tessa’s mother:


Sonia Gensler and Tara Hudson, right after a bartender asked if I was Tessa’s mother:


 Tara Hudson, cry-laughing because a bartender asked if I was Tessa’s mother.


On the way to the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival I got to stay with the most lovely Stephanie Perkins, and she hosted a yummy dinner for me! Pic is of Beth Revis, Megan Shepard, Meagan Spooner and Steph:


 And Steph has a legit skeleton. In her closet.


At the Parapalooza SIBA event in New Orleans, where I had to read a paragraph to book sellers (thanks for the photo and Publisher’s Weekly mention, Paige Crutcher!):

Myra McEntire at Parapalooza (3)

With Terra McVoy and Shannon Messenger at the mind-blowingly amazing Anderson’s 10th annual YA conference:


Lemon Drop at the Anderson’s conference hotel – half of which ended up in Michael Grant’s lap (due to clumsiness – I am a GESTURER):


At the Southern Festival of Books with my new favorite person, Sharon Cameron:

Sharon SFoB

And with Sonia Gensler at SoFest – we stood there for a REASON (I like big butts and I cannot lie):

Sonia SFoB

Milo the Cat, glad I’m home, and resting his head on my notes:


And finally, what I’m working on now. Well, a bit of setting from what I’m working on now:


Hope you’re all having a lovely fall!

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