Deleted Scene from TIMEPIECE

I had sooooooo many deleted scenes in all three books, but especially in TIMEPIECE and INFINITYGLASS. The way I figure, I learned from my mistakes, so maybe you will, too! 

Set Up: Abi catches Kaleb and Lily making out in the kitchen of Murphy’s Law!

Why it didn’t work: In this version of the book, Lily and Kaleb kiss prior to him meeting Lily’s grandmother. I know it seems like a simple thing, but I needed Kaleb to realize that he cared deeply for Lily in a way that didn’t involve physicality. The conversation he has with Abi  (which is the same in all versions) is the catalyst that helps him acknowledge things are different this time (since he’s been such a douchecanoe with The Ladies in the past). Soooo, I took out the romance and moved it to a later scene. I always have to do that! (It’s because I like the kissing.)


“Yes, ma’am. Absolutely. I’ve tasted Lily’s cupcakes and I’ve never had anything like them. I’ll definitely be back for more.” 

It sounded lascivious instead of sincere, and about the time “that’s what she said” crossed my mind I figured out that Abi was as adept at innuendo as her granddaughter.  

Even though I hadn’t meant it that way at all. This time.

Abi’s hand flew to the rolling pin beside the cutting board, and she grasped the end tightly. “What?”

“I’ve had … the vanilla bean … with the …” I gestured with my hand, making the shape of swirled icing. My voice was way higher than it should’ve been. “With the cream stuff? They’re really good.” 

She relaxed her fingers on the end of the rolling pin. “Those are actually my specialty.”

“Oh. Well. I like them. A lot. So does my dad.” I smiled and tried to look respectable. She gave me the once over, lingering on my exposed tattoos. I was really glad I’d removed all my piercings. 

Then it hit me.

I actually cared what someone’s grandmother thought of me. 

I couldn’t stop my smile then, but I focused on Lily instead of Abi. She smiled back. 

We must have looked incredibly stupid, standing there grinning at each other like idiots, but I felt Abi’s heart soften. Just a little. 

“Okay,” I said, taking my jacket off the hook by the back door. “I’ll show myself out. I’m sure you ladies have a lot to discuss.” 

“Kaleb, wait. I want you here when I tell Abi what’s going on.” 

All feelings of goodwill disappeared. “No, I think it’s probably best if we wait – 

“I’m not waiting.” She turned to her grandmother. “We need to talk to you about something important.” 

I wish I could have warned her to phrase it a little better, because before either one of us could act, Abi had the rolling pin in her hand and was coming after me full steam.  

“Abi, wait!” Lily plucked the rolling pin out of the air about two seconds before it connected with my cranium. “We’d never even kissed until this afternoon.” 

I hoped and prayed she wouldn’t mention any of the other things that almost happened in the truck. 

“We should really sit down.” 

The timer on the commercial oven went off and Lily pulled out the last of the pies. 

“Put them on the counter to cool,” Abi said, still giving me the evil eye. “We’ll go upstairs.” 

She took the rolling pin with her. 

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