Completely Deleted Scene from Very First Hourglass Draft

It will be painfully obvious to you why this scene didn’t make it in the final version of HOURGLASS.

Telling, no showing. Internal monologue. Angst. SO. MUCH. ANGST.

And …… clothed in the bathtub?



I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in love with Michael Weaver.

I had excused myself and gone to hide in one of the upstairs bathrooms. I was actually lying down in the bathtub, fully clothed, with the curtain pulled.

 Granted, I could have made a worse choice for a first love. He was strong, mentally and physically, and so hot a trail of smoke practically followed behind him when he walked. So he was little secretive at times, but I was coming to understand the reasoning behind that one. I couldn’t deny that we had chemistry beyond anything I had ever experienced or even heard about, yet he made me feel safe and grounded. That was probably the clincher.

But how well did I really know him? 

We never talked about simple things, like where he and his family went on vacations, his favorite color, if he wanted to have children or not. Okay, maybe the kid part wasn’t simple, but it’s the kind of thing you should know before you go and fall in love with someone.

Did he want to work for the Establishment for the rest of his life? If he did, would everything he did for them be as dangerous as what we were about to attempt together? I didn’t even know his major, so if he didn’t want to work for the Establishment Hourglass what did he plan to do? What if it was something boring, like accounting? 

More than once he had alluded to the fact that we would end up together. He had given me a bunch of tripe about “probable versus possible,” but I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew first hand. When he talked about our connection he confirmed we had one in the future, but he never said in what way. Did we work together? Were we really good friends? Way more than really good friends?

I had actually fantasized about our wedding day – okay, mostly about our wedding night – before Jack interrupted me. Was I crazy? Was I setting myself up for a really hard fall?

Jack’s suggestion that Michael wasn’t trustworthy drug itself up from my subconscious. I had done such a good job of keeping it buried. It would so suck if I had all these romantic feelings for Michael and he didn’t have them for me. I trusted my gut enough to believe that he was a good person, and I didn’t think he was using me for personal gain. But part of me wondered if my cooperation were needed to achieve a greater good that Michael would do whatever it took to get it.

“Emerson?” Cat knocked on the bathroom door.

Thank HEAVEN for editors. Next week I’ll post some deleted scenes from TIMEPIECE, and give away a whole bunch of copies!

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